Friday, August 19, 2016

End-of-Summer Daybook

Outside my window...
It's been a little crazy around here, but it looks so peaceful inside the LEGO cathedral that's on the coffee table! #wishiwasaminifig {Master Builder: Ranger}

I am thinking...
I need to put together a post with pictures for "Phase 3" of the LEGO Cathedral project Ranger has been working on this past year! He's still not finished, but he is getting closer. Here are the links to Phase 1 and Phase 2 in the archives.

I am thankful... 
for smokeless skies this summer!

Learning all the time...
The Driver's Education course that Captain took at the local community college this summer was excellent! I can not even believe how much it has improved his (and my!) driving. He passed the final exam and his Behind-the-Wheel Driving test with a score of 96%. Now we are just waiting for him to rack up the rest of the hours he needs before he takes one final computer test and is issued his driver's license!

{July 31st} "Lots of "firsts" for this guy today: Drive on the freeway, Drive at night, Drive-through Dutch Bros to celebrate! After telling the Dutch Bros barista about our driving adventures, I'm guessing the messages he picked for each of our lids were intentional"

Celebrating the liturgical year...
Monday was the feast of the Assumption of Mary! I took the day off work, dropped everything on my "to-do" list, and loaded up the van to drive (or rather Captain drove!) to the parish we have been attending on Sunday mornings for the noon Mass on the parish's feast day.

It was such a beautiful Mass (ordinary form) complete with Latin Marian hymns and incense. The boys were asked to serve when we arrived. After Mass, as I was kneeling praying with my littlest ones, an older man who had been sitting in front of us, walked over and said "Are these ALL your children?!"  I have fun with that question, especially when I can answer, "No...." (pause) "I have two more! My older boys were the two serving Mass!" His mouth dropped and he said, "You have more!" He grabbed my head, kissed my forehead, and said "BLESS YOU!"  The girls both turned bright red and Snuggles whispered (after the older man had walked away) "Quick! Wipe it off!"  Hahaha! That was a first.

On the drive home we stopped to visit with some friends and stop at Dairy Queen for a special feast day treat in honor of Our Lady, Queen of Heaven!

The Assumption of Mary (Summertime Saints) • Rosary Rummy • Feasts of Our Lord and Our Lady

From the kitchen...
Better late than never, right? A few weeks ago I finally got around to printing out Summer Bingo cards for our kids. It had been a couple years, after spending last summer traveling. It's been a great way to encourage them to get a jump start on their math for the school year, as well as a few other subjects.

After leaving them on the counter in the kitchen I heard one of the kids yell: "MOM! What baby?!?!?!" I knew there was a reason I needed to update those cards.

Oh well... It was quick and easy to fix! ;)

I am working on...
finishing up this year's curriculum list and plans. I recently shared Our 2015-2016 Curriculum.

I am creating...
plans for a 13th birthday coming up at the end of this month. The soon-to-be-teen was having a hard time coming up with a theme, but I think I've come up with one that she'll love!

I am going...
to the 5th Annual Catholic Women Rejoice conference! I really need a little break and retreat before the new school year begins. I'm especially looking forward to finally give Hallie a hug and check out her new book, On the Other Side of Fear: How I Found Peace.

I spotted a few familiar faces on my way over to the hall after Mass this morning! How is it possible that it's almost August already?!? I need to figure out how to sneak away for a few days so I can attend Catholic Women Rejoice again this year! #CWR16 #rejoiceandbefree

I am hoping...
to make some time soon to try and catch up on some emails. I'm horribly behind. Email is always one of the first things to go when I'm struggling to keep up.

I am praying...
for perseverance, and for the grace to know where I need to make changes and simplify.

I am reading…
book lists and syllabuses.

Pondering these words…
from St. Catherine of Siena:

"Nothing great is ever achieved without much enduring."

I am listening…
to the captivating Audio Dramatization (also available on Audible) of The Story of Civilization: Vol 1 - The Ancient World. Have you entered the giveaway I am hosting yet?

Around the house...
It's been about three weeks since we've been able to eat at the dining room table... It's been covered with books since starting the annual book sale. Still so much to do before our new school year begins!  Sometimes I really miss having Our Little School Room.

One of my favorite things...
stained glass windows, even if they are made from LEGO.

This week's plans...
Three of my sisters just got into town (two from UT and one from CA) yesterday and I was so torn on whether I should still go to the conference or not, but I'll get back in time for Julianna's birthday on Sunday night and will finally get to meet her boyfriend. It will be another busy week at the office, with payroll and a few other things I'll need to catch up.  I also have a 13th birthday to plan for the end of this month!

A little peek at my day...
This picture is actually from yesterday morning. Ranger and I got up extra early to attend the Orientation Session for his upcoming online Latin class!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Story of Civilization: Vol. I - The Ancient World {Review & Giveaway}

I am so excited about the new history series from TAN Homeschool! We will be focusing on Western Civilization II and American History this upcoming school year, but I'm already planning to incorporate The Story of Civilization: Vol. 1 - The Ancient World the following year when our family cycles back to Ancient History.

TAN sent me the complete set to review here at Shower of Roses and I've been very impressed at what I have seen so far. It is a welcome addition to our home library! In fact, we have already started listening to the captivating Audio Dramatization (also available from Audible) as a family on our drive to Mass each Sunday! Even our high schoolers are enjoying listening to the fun and exciting audios and have learned some interesting new facts.

The complete set consists of:
  • Text Book
  • Test Book
  • Activity Book
  • Teacher’s Manual
  • Video Lecture Series
  • Audio Dramatization
  • Timeline Map  (Receive a FREE copy of the Timeline Map when you order the complete set - a savings of $14.95!) 

The series is also available over at Amazon. {affiliate link}

Text Book

From the product description page:

Children should not just read about history, they should live it. In The Story of Civilization, the ancient stories that have shaped humanity come alive like never before. Author Phillip Campbell uses his historical expertise and story-telling ability together in tandem to present the content in a fresh and thrilling way.

The Story of Civilization reflects a new emphasis in presenting the history of the world as a thrilling and compelling narrative. Within each chapter, children will encounter short stories that place them directly in the shoes of historical figures, both famous and ordinary, as they live through legendary battles and invasions, philosophical debates, the construction of architectural wonders, the discovery of new inventions and sciences, and the exploration of the world.

Volume I, The Ancient World, begins the journey, covering the time periods from the dawn of history and the early nomads, to the conversion of Emperor Constantine. Children will learn what life was like in the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Mesopotamia, Persia, Greece, Rome, and more, as well as learn the Old Testament stories of the Israelites and the coming of Christ.

The strength of the content lies not only in the storybook delivery of it, but also in the way it presents history through the faithful prism of the Church. Have you always wanted your children to learn about world history from a Catholic perspective? Here, you’ll have the trusted resource you’ve always wanted.

Dramatized Audio Book 

Talented voice actor and audio book producer Kevin Gallagher returns to bring children the history of the world in this riveting reading of The Story of Civilization: The Ancient World. This follows his immensely popular reading of TAN Book’s The Story of the Bible. our children will be transported back in time through the sound effects, music and voice acting that complements the reading of the text. Whether looking for entertainment on a long road trip, enhancing the experience with the text, or catering to the needs of a child with a reading disability—this audio dramatization will open up a new world of adventure for kids of all ages.

Note: You can find my previous review of The Story of the Bible here

Video Lecture Series

In this lecture series, author of The Story of Civilization, Phillip Campbell, leads students on a chapter-by-chapter journey, reviewing the events, characters, and lessons that make up Volume I. This companion piece to the text is meant to assist parents and allow a hands-off approach to their lesson planning. 

In each lecture, students will find:

  • A 10 minute narrative review of each chapter
  • A discussion of key figures
  • Further explanation of historical events
  • Engaging visual aids and graphics
  • A short quiz to test their knowledge

After viewing these lectures, students will be able to turn to their workbooks and test books with confidence!

Note: Videos are streaming on At purchase, you will receive a card with a digital code to access the videos.

Test Book

Suggested for 5th-8th grade, the test book serves as a companion resource to The Story of Civilization: The Ancient World.  The pages of the test book are perforated for easy removal and already punched for storage in three-ring binders!

From the product description page:

With this book, students can test their reading comprehension and further educate themselves on the content found in the text. One quiz corresponds to each chapter in the text book. Questions for each chapter are suitable as a study exercise or as an objective answer test, with an answer key for teachers in the back. The questions include matching items, multiple choice, and true/false.

Activity Book

Suggested for 1st-4th grade (though I think my 6th and 7th grade daughters will enjoy some of it as well!), the activity book is filled with all sorts of fun activities... Coloring Pages, Map Activities, Crossword Puzzles and Word Searches, Craft Projects and even Drawing Projects (How-to-Draw) - lots to choose from to review and reinforce what has been read in The Story of Civilization: The Ancient World!

Teacher’s Manual 

The Teacher's Manual is an excellent addition to the set! In addition to the answers and directions to the exercises found in the Activity Book, it also includes: Reading Comprehension Questions, Narration Exercises, Science Projects, and even Fun Snack Ideas and Recipes like "Canaanite Fig Bars" and "Gaius Marius Eagle's Eggs In A Nest"!

Timeline Map

From the product description page:

Keeping track of the people, events, and dates that shaped history can be difficult. With this fun, comprehensive, and engaging timeline that employs an easy to follow format and vibrant illustrations, students will have the help they need to track the chronology of the story of civilization. This timeline mirrors the scope of The Story of Civilization text book, beginning with the early nomads and running to the conversion of Emperor Constantine. Within these bookends, children will be introduced to the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt, Greek inventors and philosophers, Spartan warriors, the famous figures of the Old Testament, infamous Roman Emperors, and the Holy Family. 

Included as a FREE bonus when you purchase the complete set directly from TAN, the Timeline Map features:
  • Laminated format capable of being written on with a sharpie
  • 36 x 18 size when unfolded 
  • Easy to follow structure
  • 40+ illustrations
  • Covers over 75 major events and people
  • “Timeline Trivia” on the back

I plan to use it as a guide and inspiration for new timeline additions to my children's personal Timeline Binders.

.: Giveaway :. 

TAN has generously offered to send one COMPLETE SET (Valued at $154.70!) to a visitor here at Shower of Roses including the Text Book, Test Book, Activity Book and Teacher’s Manual, Video Lecture Series, Audio Dramatization, and Timeline!

Please enter the giveaway using the Rafflecopter Box below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Bargain Priced Books :: 2017 Saints Calendar

If you haven't ordered it yet, today is a great day to place an order the 2017 Saints Calendar & 16-Month Planner, and any other books you might be wanting to order from TAN Books, using the 50% off coupon code they shared over on Instagram! (Valid today only!)

The ever-popular 2017 Saints Calendar and Daily Planner is a 16 month calendar ready to use in September. Our spiral-bound design allows plenty of space for daily appointments in a lay-flat format. This calendar has become a favorite for home or office with professionals, students and busy homeschool families. TAN calendars contain special feasts and fascinating Catholic traditions. They are marked with days of Fasting, special Saints Days, and the Sundays of the Liturgical Year for both the Ordinary and Extraordinary Calendar."

Also available from Amazon (though the coupon code won't work over there), the TAN Saints Calendar has been one of my favorite planners for the past 10 years.

Speaking of bargain priced books, there have been quite a few new links added to the 6th Annual Curriculum Sale Blog Hop! Be sure to check them all out. I also just finished reducing the prices on all the books I have left for sale!

Friday, August 5, 2016

6th Annual Curriculum Sale Blog Hop

.: Rules for Posting :. 

Create a blog post with your gently used curriculum (and any other books/items) that you'd like to sell or pass on to another family, with pictures if possible.

Please add a link to your post, referring back to this post, so that others can find the link up.

Using the linky below, enter the direct link to your post.

A couple years ago I also created a Facebook Event page for those who would like to participate in selling books during the blog hop but don't have blogs. After all the requests the other day, I decided to go ahead and do this again this year. You are welcome to post photos and prices of books you have for sale. Here is the link: 6th Annual Online Curriculum Sale Blog Hop Event Page 

If you aren't on Facebook either, CathSwap and Catholic Garage are great options as well! 

.: Please be Thoughtful when Selling and Purchasing :.

Out of consideration for everyone participating in the Curriculum Sale Blog Hop, please only request items that you intend to purchase and are able to submit payment for promptly, preferably within 24 hours, unless prior arrangements have been made with the person selling the books.

Sellers please update your posts with "sale pending" or "sold" when possible, and be sure to include your payment and shipping terms.

Purchasers, if you request books from a seller, please respond to their confirmation email within a reasonable amount of time. If the seller doesn't hear back from you within 24 hours they may decide to remove the "sale pending" and make the books you requested available to others.

The link-up will remain open from August 5-15, 2015, so be sure to check back for new links! I've added a button to the side of the blog which will be there for the duration of the link-up so this post can be found easily.

Thank you for participating!

Our 2016 Used Book Sale

It's time for the 6th Annual Curriculum Sale Blog Hop! You can find all the details, browse books for sale on other blogs, or add a link to your own post here.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the items in this post, please leave a comment listing the books you would like, along with your email address. (The email address box is part of the comment form here at Shower of Roses and it won't be displayed publicly.) I will send you a private email with your total, including shipping, along with my Paypal address to send payment. I will also accept payment in the form of Amazon e-gift cards for those who do not use Paypal.

To keep it as simple as possible, I have decided to once again charge a flat rate to help cover the cost of packaging, media mail postage, and any Paypal fees. This year it will be $5 for 1-3 items and $7.00 for 4+ items.

Please only request items that you intend to purchase and are able to submit payment for promptly. Comments are moderated, but I will do my best to approve/publish them as quickly as possible and update the post with "sales pending." If multiple visitors request the same book it will be sold to the first request. I may continue to add to this post over the weekend, if I have time to go through more of our books. We'll see! I can't believe how many books we have in this house...

Thank you!

Note: Most links are affiliate links.

Classically Catholic Memory - Alpha Year, complete set, like new, minor shelf wear, Asking $85.00 (Sold)

Second Form Latin - Workbook, new, Asking $10.00 REDUCED $7.00 each, three available (Sold)
Second Form Latin - Quizzes & Tests, new, Asking $4.00 REDUCED $2.50 each, three available (Sold)

First Form Latin Complete Set, DVDs/CD and Text Book (some writing inside) used one year, Teacher's Manual in very good condition, flashcards still in shrink wrap, replacement workbook and quiz booklet in brand new condition, Asking $90.00 for set (Sold)

First Form Latin - Workbook, new, Asking $10.00 each REDUCED $7.00, two one available
First Form Latin - Quizzes & Tests, new, Asking $4.00 REDUCED $2.50
First Form Latin - Student Text, some writing in pencil in book, cover crease, Asking $7.00 (Sold)

Latina Christiana I Set (Teacher Manual, Student Book and DVDs), missing flashcards, first seven lessons completed in student book, Asking $50.00 for set  REDUCED $40.00
Ludere Latine I: Latina Christiana I Activity Book, new, Asking $15.00 (Sold)
The Book of Roots and Answer Key, Lesson one partially completed in pencil, Asking $18.00  REDUCED $12.00 (Sold) 
Roots of English, new, Asking $15.00 REDUCED $12.00
Roots of English, a few pages of lesson 1 completed in pencil, Asking $12.00 REDUCED $8.00
The Book of Roots, Lessons 1-4 completed in pencil, Asking $15.00 REDUCED $10.00

Prima Latina Text Set (Teacher Manual, Student Book, Pronunciation CD), Student book is new/replacement, others are in very good condition, Asking $30.00
Prima Latina DVD Set, good condition, used a couple years, Asking $30.00
Prima Latina Copybook, new, Asking $12.00

Or purchase complete set pictured above for $60.00 (Sold)

Following Narnia Teacher's ManualStudent Book (sold as a set), new, Asking $40.00 (Sold)
Following Narnia Student Book, new, Asking $20.00 (Sold)

All About Spelling Level 4 Teacher's Manual and Student Packet, new, Asking $32.00
All About Spelling Level 5 Teacher's Manual and Student Packet, new, Asking $32.00
All About Spelling Level 6 Teacher's Manual and Student Packet, new, Asking $32.00
All About Spelling Level 7 Teacher's Manual and Student Packet, new, Asking $32.00

Or purchase all four levels for $120.00 (Sold) 

All About Reading Level 1: Teacher's Manual, Blast Off to Reading Activity Book, Reading Games with Ziggy the Zebra and All About Reading Review Box with Divider Cards, cards from student packet have been separated and stored in box, some shelf wear to books, otherwise in like new condition, Asking $60.00 (Sold)

Editor In Chief B1, first 5 of 33 exercises completed, Asking $7.00 REDUCED $4.00 (Sold)
Editor In Chief B1, first 2 of 33 exercises completed, Asking $7.00 REDUCED $4.00 (Sold)
Word Tracking: High Frequency Words, Like New, Asking $5.00 REDUCED $3.00
Getty-Dubay Instruction Manual - Like New, Asking $2.00 REDUCED $1.00
All About Homophones, like new, sticker on cover, Asking $15.00 (Sold) 
Latin: First Year (Henle Latin), Asking $8.00 (Sold)
Latin: Grammar (Henle Latin), Asking $4.00 (Sold) 
All Things Fun & Fascinating, like new, some shelf wear, $25.00 REDUCED $18.00

Straight Talk: A Parent's Guide to Language Development, very good condition, Asking $30.00 REDUCED $18.00 (Sold) 

Explode the Code 1, pages 1-3 completed, sticker on front, Asking $4.00 (Sold)
Explode the Code 1 1/2, new, sticker on front, Asking $4.00 REDUCED $2.50 (Sold) 
Explode the Code 2 1/2, new, Asking $4.00 REDUCED $2.50 (Sold)
Wordly Wise A with Answer Key, new, Asking $8.00 REDUCED $5.00 (Sold)
Wordly Wise B Answer Key, 2 available, Asking $1.00 each REDUCED 50cents each
Wordly Wise C Answer Key, 2 available, Asking $1.00 each REDUCED 50cents each

Reading Comprehension 1, Asking $1.00 REDUCED 50cents each
Handwriting Skills Simplified, Asking $1.00 REDUCED 50cents each
Mind Twisters, Asking $3.00 REDUCED $1.50

The Winston Grammar Program: Basic Level Teacher's Manual, Student Workbook, Supplemental Workbook, Supplemental Workbook Answer Key, Word Works Teacher's Manual, Word Works Student Workbook, Basic Level Card Set - all in very good condition, Asking $50.00 for set REDUCED $38.00

Saxon Math 7/6 ISBN 1565775074, $10.00 (Previous school textbooks, with wear to covers, fourth edition and nearly identical to the Saxon 7/6: Homeschool Edition. This is a duplicate of the one we own and use.) Asking $10.00 (Sold)
Saxon Algebra 1/2, 3rd Edition, Hardcover, some wear to cover, Asking $25.00 (Sold) 
Saxon Algebra 1, 3rd Edition, Hardcover, lots of wear to cover, Asking $20.00 (Sold)

Saxon Math 5/4 Solutions Manual, cover is falling off,  $4.00 REDUCED $3.00

Saxon Teacher 8/7 Lesson and Test CDs, 3rd Edition, used for one school year, Asking $70.00 REDUCED $60.00
Saxon Teacher 7/6 Lesson and Test CDs, 3rd Edition, used for one school year, Asking $70.00
REDUCED $60.00

D.I.V.E Algebra 2, copyright 2006, use Saxon 2nd ed. text, Asking $10.00 REDUCED $5.00

The Usborne Science Encyclopedia, $5.00 REDUCED $4.00
The Usborne Illustrated Dictionary of Biology, $8.00 (Sold)
How Do Apples Grow, Asking $1.00 REDUCED 50 cents
Sunlights, Skyscrapers, and Soda Pop: The Wherever-You-Look-Science-Book, Asking $10.00 REDUCED $7.00

Maps Charts Graphs: A (new, duplicate copy), Asking $6.00 (Sold)

Daily Lesson Plans for Light to the Nations Part Two from CHC, new but taken out of shrink wrap (I decided to use the Kolbe course plans for my high-schoolers instead), Asking $12.00 REDUCED $10.00

The Young Reader's Shakespeare Collection, all in like new condition:
Romeo & JulietOthelloA Midsummer Night's DreamMacbeth, and Julius Caesar
Asking $13.00 each or $50.00 for the set of all 5 (Sold)

These are all duplicate copies of books we have on our shelves. All in new condition.
Olivia and the Little Way, signed by author, Asking $6.00 (Sold) 
Olivia's Gift, signed by author, Asking $8.00 (Sold) 
The Gate, signed by author, Asking $8.00 (Sold)
Willow Wind Farm: Betsy's Story, Asking $6.00 (Sold) 
Christians Courageous, Asking $10.00 (Sold) 
Saint Louis and the Last Crusade, Asking $6.00 (Sold) 
Kateri Tekakwitha, Asking $6.00 (Sold)

Past Suspicion, shelf wear to cover, $3.00 (Sold)
Frozen Footprints, shelf wear to cover, $3.00 (Sold)
Catholic Philosopher Chick Makes Her Debut, Asking $6.00 REDUCED $4.00
Hope and a Whole Lotta Prayer, Asking $8.00 REDUCED $4.00
Rome Sweet Home, Asking $5.00 (Sold)
Whatever the Cost, Asking $6.00 REDUCED $4.00
To Save a Thousand Souls, Asking $2.00
Fatherless, Asking $10.00 (Sold)
The Last Things, paperback, $2.00

Catholic Children's Treasure Box #9 (duplicate copy, faded cover), Asking $1.00 (Sold)
Baltimore Catechism No. 1, Asking $2.00
Habemus Papam! Pope Benedict XVI, Asking $6.00 (Sold)
The Story of the Sacred Heart, paper pamphlet type, you can see a picture of the inside here, duplicate copy, this has wear to cover including writing, Asking $1.00 (Sold)
A Story of Saint Agatha, (new, duplicate copy), Asking $6.00 (Sold)

Tear Soup: A Recipe for Healing After Loss, $5.00 REDUCED $2.00
Johnny Appleseed, lots of wear, $1.00 (Sold) 
Sleeping Beauty, like new, $5.00 (Sold)
The Skippack School, $2.00 (Sold)
Sir Givret the Short, paperback, like new, $4.00 (Sold) 
Liffey Rivers and the Mystery of the Sparkling Solo Dress Crown, $3.00 REDUCED $1.50

Pioneer Girl: The Annotated Autobiography, like new, Asking $18.00 (Sold)
Crochet Designs for Kids: 20 Projects to Make for Boys or Girls, Asking $3.00 (Sold)
Mamarazzi: Every Mom's Guide to Photographing Kids, Asking $5.00 (Sold)

Fun Stuff Cupcakes
Fun Stuff Cookies (Sold)
Fun Stuff Silly Snacks
$4.00 each

The Priests: Noel, new in shrink wrap, $3.00 (Sold)
Susan Boyle: Someone to Watch Over Me, new in shrink wrap, $3.00
A Real Irish Christmas, $2.00 (Sold)
Celtic Christmas, $2.00
Fulton Sheen Angels (VHS), $4.00 REDUCED $2.00

Tatiana: The Story of Christmas, $3.00 (Sold)
Amy Grant: The Christmas Collection, $2.00 (Sold)
Antique Christmas: A Christmas Memories Collection, $2.00
The Angels Sang: An Inspirational Christmas, $3.00 (Sold)

Gounod at St. Agnes, $2.00
Feasts of Our Lady$4.00 REDUCED $2.00
Alma Mater: Featuring The Voice of Pope Benedict XVI Deluxe Edition, $3.00 (Sold)
Choral Moods, $2.00
The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness, $5.00

Best Known Gregorian Chants, $2.00
Classics - Ave Maria, $2.00
Mozart: Great Mass in C, $2.00
Mozart, $2.00
Amadeus, $2.00

Please leave a comment, or email me directly, if you have any questions. 
Thanks for taking a look!

Listing more books for my mom...

My mom has been asking all summer if I was going to host another book sale this year. A couple of my sisters, the twins, have been helping her clean out her attic this summer. The other night JoAnn dropped off a few books for me to sort through and list for sale....


The majority of these books are old, have been used by many children, stored in boxes in an attic, and are not in the best shape. I've priced them accordingly. If there is anything you are interested in for your family or have any additional questions, please leave a comment listing the books you would like, along with your email address. (The email address box is now part of the comment form here at Shower of Roses and it won't be displayed publicly.) I will send you a private email with your total, including shipping, along with payment information.

The books in this post will be shipped directly from my mom, Josephine. Paypal payment is preferred, though contact me privately if this isn't an option. Out of consideration for myself and anyone else who might like to purchase books from this post, please only request items that you intend to purchase and are able to submit payment for promptly, unless other arrangements have been made. If multiple visitors request the same book it will be sold to the first request. Comments are moderated, but I will do my best to approve them as quickly as possible.

Shipping will be a flat rate of $5.00 for 1-3 items and $7.00 for 4+ items, to cover the cost of packaging and media rate postage in the U.S.

The St. Paul Way, Truth and Life Series, Set of books pictured above $45.00 Reduced $30.00

Christ: Our Way to the Father, $5.00 each, 3 available
Christ's Law of Love, $5.00
Radiating Christ, $5.00
Christ My Life, $5.00 each, 2 available
Following Christ, $5.00 each, 2 available
Credo: I Believe, $5.00

Modern Saints, $2.00
Catholic Truth for Youth, $4.00
The Week of Salvation, $4.00
From a Far Country, $2.00
Blood of the Martyrs: The journey of a Catholic priest to the rescue movement, $2.00
The Seven Storey Mountain, Thomas Merton, $2.00
The Life and Revelations of Anne Catherine Emmerich Vol 2, $5.00
Relics, $2.00 (Sold)
The Blessed Eucharist, $4.00
True Devotion to Mary, loose cover, $1.00 (Sold)
Father Peter John de Smet: Jesuit in the West, $8.00
The Apostolate of Holy Motherhood, $6.00 (Sold)
The Tears of Mary and Fatima, $3.00 (Sold)
The Wonders She Performs, $4.00 (Sold)
Prayers and Heavenly Promises, $2.00
The Secret of the Rosary, $2.00
The Pro-Life Prayer Book

Wild Bill Hockok Tames the West by Stewart H. Holbrook, Lots of Cover Wear, ©1952, Asking $2.00 (Sold)
Open Highways, School reading textbook from the 1960s, $5.00
California: The Story of Our Southwest Corner by Grace S. Dawson, ©1939, Cover split and taped together, Asking $2.00Wild Animals I Have Known, ©1926, Spine loose from age, wear to cover, Asking $10.00
The New If I Were Going, ©1936, 1951 Edition, Asking $5.00
The Kingdom of God Series, Bible Lessons, William Newton & Ellamay Horan, ©1937/1942, Good,
Asking $5.00
Trail Through Danger, Asking $2.00 (Sold) 
Abigail Adams: The President's Lady by Regina Kelly, ©1962, Good, Asking $5.00 (Sold)
Streets and Roads, Basic Readers 1946-1947 Edition, Acceptable, First Page is falling out/half, Asking $5.00 (Sold)
Around the Corner, ©1957, Good, Asking $5.00 (Sold) 

American History, ©1970 with Test Booklet and Answer Key, Asking $10.00
Quest of a Hemisphere, ©1970, Asking $6.00
Bible History by Ignatius Schuster and OLVS Answer Key for Part One, Asking $3.00
Church History, Asking $6.00 (Sold)
Of America Vol. 1 and Vol 2, Asking $4.00 for the set
Our Old World Background Answer Key for Textbook, $3.00
Our Old World Background Answer Key for Test Booklet, $1.00
The Old World and America Answer Key, $3.00
The Story of the Church Test Booklet
Following Christ in the World, Seton, $6.00

Science and Living in God's World Grade 5 with OLVS Answer Key, Asking $6.00
Answer Key to Science and Living in God's World Test & Quiz Booklet, $1.00 (Sold)
Investigating God's Orderly World Book Two Unit Tests, $1.00
Investigating God's World, Answer Key for Textbook, $1.00
Earthquake Games, $1.00
Abeka Biology: God's Living Creation, Asking $4.00
Abeka Earth Science with Test Booklet and Answer Key, Asking $4.00
Abeka Basic Science, Asking $4.00

Voyages in English 7 Hardcover with Exercises in English 7, ©1960, some writing in pencil that has been erased, Asking $10.00 for the set
Voyages in English 5 Teacher's Manual, Asking $2.00
Exercises in English Fifth Year Teacher's Key, $1.00
McGuffey's Second Reader, ©1920, $5.00 (Sold)
McGuffey's Third Reader, ©1920, $5.00 (Sold)
McGuffey's Sixth Reader, ©1921, $5.00 (Sold)
Elementary Spelling Book (Sold)
McGuffey's 6 Eclectic Reader, $1.00

The 100 Greatest Boxers of All Time, $2.00
The Wild West, $2.00 (Sold)
Native Americans, $2.00 (Sold)
Cowboys by Peter Newark, $2.00
Cowboys: The real story of cowboys and cattlemen, $2.00
Meet The North American Indians, Asking $2.00 (Sold)

Yamaha Band Student, Book 3: Flute, $2.00
Recorder Fun!, $2.00
OLVS Song Book, $1.00 each, 2 available

Algebra 1 (First Edition), Asking $4.00
Algebra 1 (Second Edition), Asking $4.00
Geometry, Asking $8.00 (Sold)
Manual for the Slide Rule, Asking $2.00
Math 76 Textbook, Asking $4.00  (Sold)
Saxon Physics Student Textbook, Asking $15.00 (one page ripped in half, will tape back together)

Wheelock's Latin Grammar, Asking $2.00
Workbook for Wheelock's Latin, (a few lessons with writing), Asking $2.00
Material Logic, Missing Front Cover, Spiral Bound, Student Text, Asking $2.00
Latin: Second Year (Henle Latin), Asking $4.00
Athenaze, Asking $5.00
Prima Latina Teacher Manual, Asking $7.00

Writing Workshop Level E Teacher's Edition, Asking $2.00
Writing a Research Paper Grades 6-12, Third Edition, Asking $5.00
Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Workshop Level G, Asking $2.00
Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Workshop Level H, Asking $2.00

Catholic National Reader #3 and #5 Answer Key, Asking $1.00 each
Traditional Catholic Speller & Workbook Grades 5, 6, and 8, Asking $1.00 each (Sold No 6)
Traditional Catholic Spelling & Poetry No 5, 6, 8, 10, and 11, OLVS, Asking $3.00 (Sold No 6)
Chat's with God's Little Ones, Asking $2.00 (Sold)

Our Life With God Religion Series, Teacher's Manual and Key for Book 5, God Leads Me, ©1960, Very Good, Asking $4.00

The following Baltimore Catechisms are old and in awful shape. Perhaps someone still has a use for them though? "Cure of Ars" (written across the top of some of these books) was the small school that my Grandparents (my Dad's parents) started with a few other families when my Dad was growing up. My Grandma JoAnn was always so supportive of homeschooling! If you can use any of these they are free with postage paid:

The New Saint Joseph Baltimore Catechism Vol 1 (3 2 available)
The New Saint Joseph Baltimore Catechism Vol 2 (2 1 available)
First Communion Catechism (Sold)

Ride of Courage, $2.00 (Sold)
The Race, $2.00 (Sold)
Sea Star: Orphan Of Chincoteague, $2.00 (Sold)
Eagle's Wings, $1.00 (Sold)
Writing on Tablets of Water, $1.00
Skedaddle, $1.00 (Sold)
Twenty and Ten, $1.00
Lilies of the Field, $1.00 (Sold)
Number the Stars, $1.00 (Sold)

Winter Eyes, 50 cents
Meet Bejamin Franklin, cover damage, $1.00 (Sold)
Wolves, (one of my boys snagged this one)
The Song of the Scaffold, $4.00
Agent Arthur on the Stormy Seas, 50 cents
The Lucky Pocket Rhyming Dictionary, 50 cents
Windy and the Willow Whistle, $3.00
The Tale of Jeremy Fisher, Jack & the Beanstalk and Puss In Boots - $ 2.00

A Heart Trained: Saint Maximilian Kolbe, $2.00
Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Novena Booklet, free with purchase/shipping
A Layman Looks At The Names of Jesus, $1.00
From the Housetops, free with purchase/shipping, 2 issues
The Mass of Vatican II, $1.00
Happy Birthday Therapy, 50 cents
Aim Higher, $1.00
Solennita Dei Santi Apostoli Pietro e Paolo
The Way of the Cross, $1.00 each, 2 available
How to Avoid Purgatory, $4.00  (Sold) 
Daily Devotions to St. Joseph, $1.00
Total Consecration to Mary, Spouse of the Holy Spirit, $1.00 (Sold) 
Mother of Christ Crusade, Free with purchase, 2 available 

Rome and Vatican, $2.00
Crime and Punishment, $1.00
The Fatal Shore: The Epic of Australia's Founding, $2.00
The Eleventh Hour, $3.00
The Official Guide to Montserrat, $1.00
Herbal Remedies for Common Diseases, $2.00
The Cocker Spaniel Handbook, $2.00
Communism as I Know It, $2.00
Pride & Prejudice, $2.00

My Reconciliation Book, $1.00 each, 2 available 
The Promises of the Sacred Heart, missing cover, free for postage (Sold) 
A Right to be Merry, $8.00 (Sold)
Saints for the Journey, $8.00 (Sold) 

I also have a box of old OLVS lesson plans/syllabi in three-ring binders and a stack of three hole punched Saxon home study packets that I need to look through... We'll see. Let me know if you are looking for anything specific. 

Please leave a comment, or email me directly, if you have any questions. 
Thanks for taking a look!